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liquid roofing

Risco roofing now install liquid pu roofing

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Liquid  PU is a free flowing SOLVENT FREE fluid waterproofing system for roofs, balconies and walkways based on highly elastic polyurethane resins. It is used for the long term waterproofing in both new build and refurbishment, but is particularly suited to roofs where access due to plant installations is limited or where the installation of conventional sheet membranes could prove challenging.

The liquid consists of 2 components that require simple slow speed mixing before application. Acceptable substrates include concrete, sand & cement screed, timber, tissue faced insulation boards and metal. It is normally applied as a single coat system but where extra UV resistance is required a further coat may be necessary.

It will not suffer from solvent evaporation or  entrapment or any subsequent reduction in thickness

It is available in a range of pleasing colours.

We can salvage an old leaky flat roof, by installing directly over, metal, grp fibreglass, felt, epdm rubber and many many more roof coverings.

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